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The Current Sea provides creative services both through agencies and our own contracts.
You can hire us for:
///λ GIF event photography
///λ GIF Promotional art
///λ GIF webitorial (fashion)
///λ GIF essay (photojournalism)
///λ Video to GIF
///λ and more!

If you'd like to work with us, please let us know the budget and scope of your project.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Brian & Sarah

Digital ∆ Analog


THE CURRENT SEA is a New Media Studio that explores the confluence of the Analog and the Digital.

We are located in Los Angeles. We work everywhere.
We teach CREATING THE ANIMATED GIF online through Skillshare.
We curate PRISM PIPE, a live score event at PEHRSPACE on the third monday of every month.

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This is the day we paint our horizon


  • We are cutting-edge GIF designers, with a style so vibrant and versatile that we currently teach a course on the subject. We create animated GIF design for myriad applications ranging from subtle to psychedelic, lo-fi to high art. Please follow us on tumblr for a daily assortment of new and unique images. We are also featured artists on Giphy, the primier GIF index on the web.

    3D GIFs

    Editorial GIFs

    GIF Art

    GIF Logo

  • We are a one-stop shop for the production of web videos. Our work is entirely our own, from script to shoot to final cut. Please e-mail us for more information about our video-making process.

    Music Video: Night After Night by Dylan Trees

    Music Video: Eastward Flame by l'éternèbre

    Music Video: Milk Electric Boogaloo

    Music Video: Spirit Bridge

    Promotional Video: Creating the Animated GIF

  • We are skilled with still images, as well as our signature GIFs. Our work ranges from poster design to cassette artwork; from microsite design to email design. Please contact us with your idea: if it involves a screen, we're your queen.

    Email Design

    Poster Design

    Album Artwork


    Net Art

We drip drops of every hue for you